Introducing: VIN Explorer

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We’re really excited to announce that our VIN Explorer tool is finally here, and available to everyone for free while in Early Access.


VIN Explorer is allows you to decode any VIN and get the most accurate information on that vehicle from over 2 dozen sources including KBB, JD Power, Car Gurus, Edmunds, Carfax, AutoCheck, Vroom, Carvana, Carmax, and more.

Every dealership on the Driverseat platform will notice a new tab on the sidebar called “VIN Explorer,” which will let you enter and decode any VIN. When a VIN has been decoded you will be able to view the vehicle’s original window sticker and see 7 categories of information for each vehicle:

  1. PricingAbstract art piece

    The pricing section includes the vehicle’s MSRP & estimated retail value, as well as more pricing data sourced from KBB, JD Power, CarGurus, Edmunds, and third-party marketplaces like Vroom, Carvana, and Carmax.

    This section should help your dealership price trade-ins, and see how you could compare to third-party marketplaces.

  2. HistoryAbstract art piece

    The history section includes previous (verified) odometer readings and current estimates, ownership information, and a selection of the most relevant data from Carfax and AutoCheck.

    In this section you will be able to learn about the number of previous owners, accidents, service records, ownership location, vehicle use, and more.

  3. RecallsAbstract art piece

    This section is pretty self-explanatory – if this vehicle has any recalls, all of them along with their details will be listed here. This data is sourced from NHTSA.

  4. BasicsAbstract art piece

    The “Basics” section includes all of the basic specs for this vehicle (down to the Sub Trim, if available).

  5. WarrantyAbstract art piece

    This section provides information on the manufacturer’s original warranty.

  6. Options & EquipmentAbstract art piece

    These 2 sections go into much more depth than the “Basics,” – displaying all of the options and extras that are configured for this vehicle.

We’re very excited about this launch, and VIN Explorer will remain free for every dealership while in Early Access. We hope that it’s useful for your dealership, and are eager to learn about how we can continue to improve it.

If you’re interested in checking our VIN Explorer, along with the rest of Driverseat’s offering, you can schedule a quick no-commitment demo.

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